The sum of us – Education Article

What is the definition of the term “data scientist”…? In my previous post, Painting by numbers, I offered a shorthand definition of data science based on what I could synthesise from the interwebs. Namely, it is the combination of statistics, computer programming, and domain expertise to generate insight. It follows, then, that the definition of data scientist is someone who has those skill sets. Fat chance! In this post I intended to articulate my observation that in the real world,…

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Resourceaholic: 5 Maths Gems #105 – Education Article

Welcome to my 105th gems post. This is where I share some of the latest news, ideas and resources for maths teachers. 1. MathsPadAs usual James and Nicola from MathsPad have shared lots of excellent resources with subscribers in their monthly update. Their pie chart tool is great! This month they also shared a free set of fun cross-sequences puzzles that you can access even if you don’t subscribe. I’ve added this to my algebra resource library. 2. Similar Triangles Problem…

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