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Researching Human Rights Education Where Gandhi… – Education Article

Researching Human Rights Education Where Gandhi Pursued Itby Jamilah Pitts | Harlem Village Academy High School – New York, NY As a product of urban schools and a first-generation college student, I have spent my professional career working to secure and foster better educational opportunities for students of color in urban schools. I have spent the past four years working as a high school English teacher in urban schools that serve mostly Latino students and students of African descent. This…

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Forget Allies and Advocates, I Needed an Activist – Education Article

We (educators) like to think that we’re advocates for students. I’ve even been guilty myself of living in the nobleness of the word. However, as our current climate (societal and educational) continues to toil with inclusivity and what it means to be responsive to ALL, I grow impatient with our “nobleness.” Case in point, social media is exploding with a story of a high school wrestler who was forced to cut off his dreadlocks to prevent the forfeit of a match.…

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