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Register For The March Student Blogging Challenge! – The Edublogger – Education Article

Imagine your students running into the classroom to check which international visitors have left a comment on their blog. Imagine your students putting in more effort than ever before because they know their work will have a global audience. Imagine your students learning about publishing online without relying on you as the expert. Does this sound ideal to you? For the last 10+ years, these are the sorts of comments we’ve heard from teachers who have taken part in the Student…

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8 Reasons To Take Part In The Student Blogging Challenge! – The Edublogger – Education Article

Broadly speaking, there are two types of teachers. One is content with staying within the four walls of the classroom and relying on the ‘talk and chalk’ approach they grew up. The other type of teacher is aware of how rapidly the world is changing; they know how important it is to help their students become dynamic global citizens. What type of teacher are you? I’m guessing you’re the latter and, if you are, no doubt you’ll be interested in…

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Student Reflections On The Student Blogging Challenge! – The Edublogger – Education Article

This is a guest post by students Emily J, Kira H, and Sam C. They are Canadian high school students who use a CampusPress network to host their impressive blogging program. The three authors of this post all have their own student blogs. Take a look and leave them a comment. They’d love to hear from you! Sam | Emily | Kira To find out more about the wonderful Performance Learning Program they’re a part of at Seycove Secondary School,…

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