Students and Social Issues

School Districts Finding More and More Homeless Students – Education Article

 As homeless education coordinator for Billings Public Schools, Sue Runkle frequently gives presentations to help raise awareness about the district’s homeless student population. Even after 18 years in this role, she still occasionally encounters a familiar puzzled look from participants. “Some people will still ask me, ‘Wait — we have homeless students in Billings?’” Five-hundred and three in the 2017-18 school year, to be exact, and 414 so far this year. These numbers can be an eye-opener, Runkle explains, because…

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NEA and Social Justice: 60 Years and Counting – Education Article

In 1857 100 teachers united as one voice on behalf of public education. NEA has worked since then to improve the conditions in which educators work and students learn. When the organization was founded, reading and writing was a privilege for most children, and it was a crime for enslaved Africans to learn to read. Today, public education and the teaching profession work to ensure that every American child receives a free education, despite race or gender, citizenship, religion or spoken language,…

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