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Is What Once Made U.S. Schools Great Now Holding Them Back? – Top Performers – Education Article

Editor’s Note: This piece originally stated, erroneously, that Nikolai Konratieff had won a Nobel Prize in economics.  It has since been updated. The United States, long widely regarded as the world leader in education, peaked and leveled off in the 1970s, while a growing number of other countries came from behind to far exceed American performance. Why?  If we knew the answer to that question, it might say a lot about what we have to do to match the performance…

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David Osborne on Reinventing Government (of Schools) – Top Performers – Education Article

Twenty-five years ago, David Osborne, a journalist now based at the Progressive Policy Institute, and Ted Gaebler, a former city manager, wrote a book called Reinventing Government: How the Entrepreneurial Spirit is Transforming the Public Sector that got a lot of attention among city and state officials all over the United States. In it, the authors advanced a set of powerful ideas designed to transform tired bureaucracies into high performance organizations driven by strong incentives to deliver and constantly improve…

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