teachers of color

Surviving the Teacher’s Lounge – Urban Education Mixtape – Education Article

One of the more toxic places in school happens to be the teachers’ lounge. The teachers’ lounge is supposedly a safe haven for teachers to go to without fear of being pestered by students or administrators. But that safe haven often becomes a den of venting teachers. Venting can be therapeutic, however, a therapy session can go south very quickly. While you’ll never walk into a lounge with every teacher present, multiple teachers congregate there – in the mornings before…

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Walk On By – Urban Education Mixtape – Education Article

Many of us can recall a time when they walked into unfamiliar territory; whether it was a party, a new school or a new job. One of the first things we do when in that circumstance is scan for the familiar. Maybe there is a familiar conversation that you interject yourself in. Maybe there is a familiar look you share with someone else. Maybe there is another who like you, walked into an unfamiliar space. Finding the familiar when an…

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