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How to plan a lesson for a teaching interview – Education Article

Teaching a lesson is a key part of most (if not all) teaching job interviews, and with good reason – sitting opposite a panel answering questions is not what you are going to be employed for; it’s your teaching. Still, the ‘interview lesson’ is as problematic as it is integral to the interview process. Its worth and value is really down to how well the school has planned for the activity and what they expect to gain from it. Interviewees…

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Top tips to help you minimise your marking – Education Article

Marking is the bane of many a teacher’s life. Indeed, it’s marking that seems to takeover many teachers’ lives too. Look around a staff car park at a school at the end of the day and chances are you will catch sight of a flustered-looking individual filling up their car boot with a carrier bag, bag for life, or small suitcase crammed full of exercise books. This, of course, is their marking load. The problem is that the more marking…

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Lesson Planning Tips for New Teachers – Education Article

If you are eyeball deep in your first year of teaching, then chances are you have been really feeling that first year learning curve. There are never too many resources to help you in the early years of your teaching career, so we are here to provide you with some lesson planning/structure advice. You’ve been doing lesson planning just long enough now to start getting a feel for how to build individual units into larger, more integrated unit planning. The…

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