teaching with video

15 Tools for Teaching With Video – Education Article

A good video clip can spark discussion, reinforce a key concept, or introduce students to an entirely new topic. Just showing a video or telling students to watch a video usually isn’t enough direction to make the video meaningful. That is particularly true if the video is more than a few minutes long. Here are fifteen tools to use the next time you’re planning to use a video in your classroom. Video Discussion Tools Vynchronize lets you create an online…

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Five Resources for Teaching & Learning About Mount Everest – Education Article

April and May is the peak of the climbing season in the Himalaya Mountains. In May many mountaineers will be making their summit attempts on Mount Everest. Long-time readers of this blog may recall, one of my bucket list items is seeing Mount Everest in person. Until then I have to entertain myself with books, videos, and imagery of the mountain. Here are some of the resources that I like to consult when teaching students about Mount Everest and the…

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Creating Interactive Videos & Video-based Lessons – Education Article

Last week I ran a workshop for a group of teachers of adult education courses. Teaching with video was the topic of the workshop. We spent the bulk of the time making our own videos. The rest of the time was spent on developing lessons based on existing videos found on services like YouTube and Next Vista for Learning. To build lessons based on existing videos we used EDpuzzle and Thinglink. EDpuzzle is a free service for creating video-based lessons.…

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